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Thinking About Undergrads and Technology

A quick walk around campus confirms what has become a common story in today’s culture: this generation of college students appears to be nearly always connected to technology. Whether they’re “walking and texting” or just displaying the tell-tale white Apple earbuds, these students, at a glance, seem to corroborate the assumptions that are so often made about them.

Using Wikis in the Classroom

Although you are probably familiar with wikis such as Wikipedia, you may think of them primarily as resources for student research. You may be surprised to learn that professors are increasingly turning to wikis as a tool to enable collaborative writing by students.

Student Reflections on the ePortfolio Experience

When Professor Betsi Stephen asked if I would be interested in trying out a STIA ePortfolio, I thought it would be essentially the same as other work I’ve done online. After all, I’m an active blogger and post most of my academic work on my homepage. But in creating my ePortfolio I realized that an… Read more »

A Tool for Social Networking Around Texts

One way to look at higher education is that it is a particular model of social interaction. Thoughtful people gather to receive collected knowledge in the form of texts (in various media), to interrogate the texts, to inquire, based upon careful reading, into problems that arise in applying the ideas of the texts to the… Read more »