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The Future of Music Summit, 2012

In November, I attended the Future of Music Summit, an annual conference that brings together musicians, policy makers, and technologists to discuss the issues influencing the creation and distribution of music.

Can We Have it on Video?

In this post, CNDLS Graduate Associate Elad Meshulam, who worked as producer and editor of an Israeli news program before entering Georgetown’s Communication, Culture, and Technology program, shares some of his thoughts on video and education.

Annotation, Social Reading, and Digital Technologies

In a recent essay in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Charlie Wesley describes the value of annotating texts and explains that many of his students don’t seem comfortable with the practice. Our MyDante Project allows students not only to annotate Dante’s text digitally, but also to read — and respond to — annotations made by their peers.

Cyborg Theory: A Love Story

Michael Chorost’s recent talk on “Cyborg Theory and Practice” opened up a new conversation about the cyborg “reality” we live in today—a conversation about how the integration of technology into human life is changing the pace and form of human relationships.