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Introducing Wikispaces

We have been offering wikis powered by MediaWiki for some time now, but the latest addition to the family of wikis that we offer is Wikispaces, a lighter and more user-friendly wiki platform.  Wikispaces uses “what you see is what you get” editing, meaning that you can format your text and resize your images as… Read more »

Upgrading WordPress MU

We’re planning on upgrading the WordPress MU (multi-user) blogging software on Digital Commons this Wednesday, August 13 between 7 and 11 AM.  Users may not be able to access their blog(s) during this period. The upgrade will bring a new, streamlined interface and many other improvements to the blogging system.  We’ll be detailing these improvements… Read more »

GDC Gives Campus Presentations

In recent weeks, the Georgetown Digital Commons staff have given a variety of presentations to many groups and organizations in the campus community. To provide an overview of the GDC endeavors and familiarize faculty, staff, and students with current GDC projects and the innovative online tools available to them, CNDLS staff members have made appearances… Read more »

GDC Introduces New Blog Theme Upload Feature

The Digital Commons team has recently been working on a new blog feature—a theme uploader which allows you to upload WordPress themes and manipulate them according to your liking. Feel free to visit the WordPress Themes Viewer to view themes available for downloading. In the early Digital Commons stages, only four or five themes were… Read more »

Digital Commons Kicks off Spring Semester With 23 New Blogs

The Digital Commons developers are gearing up for a productive semester of classroom blogs this semester. With 23 new blogs requested by staff members, the developers anticipate the progress of the blogs’ usage in the classroom and the feedback of students and staff on their addition to the classroom setting. The new range of blogs… Read more »

Sample Wikis Completed!

Digital Commons is pleased to announce the release of 4 Sample Wiki pages, which we hope will prove most useful in demonstrating the possibilities available using the wiki tool. We introduce four: • Sample Course Wiki • Sample Glossary Page • Sample Research Wiki • Sample Group Paper Wiki A sample course wiki can be… Read more »

Sample Blogs Finished!

Exciting blog news is brewing at the commons! We are happy to say that 7 sample blogs have been created for your viewing–all manner of blogs for both students and faculty. We’ve also created an extremely handy suggested uses page to help you out with ideas on how what to use your blog for, and… Read more »

GDC Begins Creation of Sample Blogs

Here at Digital Commons, we’ve recently embarked on the creation of 7 sample blogs to familiarize future blog-users with the capabilities and potential layouts of the blogs we are offering. On the agenda first are the Sample Student Portfolio, the Sample Faculty Blog, and the Sample Special Interest Blog. The sample student portfolio demonstrates the… Read more »

Coming attractions

Are you wishing for a wiki? Excited for an e-portfolio? Desperate for a digital story? You’ll have them — soon. While not every tool at the Digital Commons is ready to go right now, we plan to have them up and running shortly. In the meantime, feel free to add yourself to our waitlists so… Read more »