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Working World Blog: An Interview with Author Mark Overmann

We recently interviewed Mark Overmann, Director of College Communications at Georgetown and co-author (with Sherry Mueller) of a recently published book Working World: Careers in International Education, Exchange, and Development. Working World captures the intricacies of evolving careers, mainly in the field of international affairs.  Mark has chosen to employ a blog as a way… Read more »

GDC Gives Campus Presentations

In recent weeks, the Georgetown Digital Commons staff have given a variety of presentations to many groups and organizations in the campus community. To provide an overview of the GDC endeavors and familiarize faculty, staff, and students with current GDC projects and the innovative online tools available to them, CNDLS staff members have made appearances… Read more »

Thesis Blog Update: Jacqueline Klingebiel’s “Hyperpolitics 2008”

We interviewed Jacqueline Klingebiel, a second-year CCT student, last semester about her thesis blog entitled “HyperPolitics 2008: Adding the Public Back Into the Conversation.”  In order to track her progress using the thesis blog feature, we got an update from Jacqueline on how the blog is coming along. Jacqueline is now in the final stages… Read more »

Digital Commons Kicks off Spring Semester With 23 New Blogs

The Digital Commons developers are gearing up for a productive semester of classroom blogs this semester. With 23 new blogs requested by staff members, the developers anticipate the progress of the blogs’ usage in the classroom and the feedback of students and staff on their addition to the classroom setting. The new range of blogs… Read more »

Boccaccio Blog a Success in the Italian Classroom

Professor of Italian Dennis McAuliffe elected to use a blog in his Boccaccio class this semester–a class in the Italian Department which studies in detail the works of Giovanni Boccaccio in translation. In an interview with Professor McAuliffe, he expressed that the students have been extremely responsive throughout semester with their blog posts. Deciding to… Read more »

Faculty Find Uses For Blogs in All Disciplines

We’re pleased to announce that the Digital Commons blog tool is going strong. During this fall semester alone we have 13 faculty members who have created blogs for their respective classes in a wide variety of disciplines. Ranging from theology to English, from CCT to the School of Foreign Service, blogs are being employed across… Read more »

Jacqueline Klingebiel, CCT Student, Posts First Student Thesis Blog

Jacqueline Klingebiel, a CCT student, is one of the first students to use the GDC Student Thesis Blog format for her Masters thesis. Exploring the new technologies of YouTube and the “blogosphere” as political phenomena destined to change the methods of American democracy, Jacqueline has found that the thesis blog is a perfect venue for… Read more »

Sample Wikis Completed!

Digital Commons is pleased to announce the release of 4 Sample Wiki pages, which we hope will prove most useful in demonstrating the possibilities available using the wiki tool. We introduce four: • Sample Course Wiki • Sample Glossary Page • Sample Research Wiki • Sample Group Paper Wiki A sample course wiki can be… Read more »

Sample Blogs Finished!

Exciting blog news is brewing at the commons! We are happy to say that 7 sample blogs have been created for your viewing–all manner of blogs for both students and faculty. We’ve also created an extremely handy suggested uses page to help you out with ideas on how what to use your blog for, and… Read more »