Posts By: Anna Kruse

Introducing Wikispaces

We have been offering wikis powered by MediaWiki for some time now, but the latest addition to the family of wikis that we offer is Wikispaces, a lighter and more user-friendly wiki platform.  Wikispaces uses “what you see is what you get” editing, meaning that you can format your text and resize your images as… Read more »

Featured Blog Theme: CommentPress

We recently began offering CommentPress as the seventh system theme option available to you.  The theme, offered by the Institute for the Future of the Book, mimics the age-old tradition of marginalia by moving comments from the end of the document to the relevant paragraphs.  Like annotation has done for millennia, it brings comments into… Read more »

GDC Introduces New Blog Theme Upload Feature

The Digital Commons team has recently been working on a new blog feature—a theme uploader which allows you to upload WordPress themes and manipulate them according to your liking. Feel free to visit the WordPress Themes Viewer to view themes available for downloading. In the early Digital Commons stages, only four or five themes were… Read more »