About Digication ePortfolios

As the semester gets underway, we’d like to draw your attention to Digication, an enterprise ePortfolio tool that we are currently piloting. ¬†We have completed the process of connecting Georgetown LDAP authentication with Digication, so users are able to sign on easily with their Georgetown credentials.

For the user who would prefer a tool specifically built to accommodate the needs of ePortfolio creation, Digication offers an easy drag-and-drop system for organizing ePortfolio content. Uploading and inserting content is uncomplicated, and the fact that Digication has been built exclusively for ePortfolio use means that ePortfolio-building options on the backend are tailored to many of the types of actions and content that individuals building ePortfolios will appreciate. On the other hand, Digication ePortfolios will all have basic structural similarities with each other, and while users can apply very basic header changes to their Digication ePortfolio, the basic architecture of the tool (sidebar with list of pages, navigation bar with sections, etc.) cannot be changed significantly.

If you are interested in learning more about Digication for the students in your course or to use as a personal ePortfolio, please contact Anna Kruse.