New Features on Commons Blogs

A recent update to our WordPress platform in the Commons blogs provides a number of features that enhance usability and navigation as you work with your Commons blog. None of the updates change the way you administer your site; rather, they enhance the way you can navigate your site, Dashboard, and also between multiple blog sites.

The central feature in the update is the new menu bar at the top of the Dashboard, which you can see the next time you access your Commons blog:

This menu bar, which closely resembles the menu bar available on the standard WordPress site, provides easy access to all of your Commons sites, as well as the ability to quickly edit and add pages and posts, change your site’s appearance, and view recent comments.

The menu bar has five selections available, starting with the menu headed by your name.  Hovering over this menu will give you the option to edit your profile, access your Dashboard, or log out.

Clicking Dashboard will take you to the Dashboard of your default site. You can always confirm which site you are editing by taking note of the title at the top of the page.


The next option in the menu bar is “My Sites.” Hovering over this option will give you a clickable list of the sites you have available through the Georgetown Commons:

This feature provides you with quick access as you navigate through each of your sites, as the menu bar is available whether you are in your Dashboard (as above) or viewing one of your sites (as below):

Hovering over “Add New” provides you with a drop-down menu containing “Page,” and “Post:”


These buttons will add either a new page or a new post to the site you are currently on. This feature makes creating new pages and posts especially easy and accessible.

If you need to review the comments on your site, the “Comments” item on the new menu bar will list all of the comments on your site, most recent first:

This feature is especially useful for moderated sites if comments require permission to be posted.

The final button on the new menu bar, “Appearances,” provides one-click access to customizing your theme:

Clicking this button takes you themes page, where you can choose a new theme for your site or customize the one you are currently using.

The best way to take advantage of the new update features is, of course, to try them out the next time you sign on to your Commons blog! If you have any issues with the update, contact the Georgetown Commons team at