Thesis Blog Update: Jacqueline Klingebiel’s “Hyperpolitics 2008”

We interviewed Jacqueline Klingebiel, a second-year CCT student, last semester about her thesis blog entitled “HyperPolitics 2008: Adding the Public Back Into the Conversation.”  In order to track her progress using the thesis blog feature, we got an update from Jacqueline on how the blog is coming along.

Jacqueline is now in the final stages of writing up her research findings.  The Graduate School has recently instituted an electronic thesis submission option, so she will not be turning in a hard copy of her thesis; instead, she will use the blog as a final format and the Georgetown University Library will permanently host it.  She will add a print feature to the blog as well, allowing for the printing of any materials that may be exhausting to read on a screen.

She is still pleased with the blog format for her research and yet notes that there are some challenges involved in posting YouTube videos as part of her research as some of them expire after a certain period of time.  On the other hand, because of working with media that is being constantly updated, she finds the blogging process helpful with immediately updating information, statistics, videos, etc. as opposed to re-formatting and re-printing a Word document.  In these circumstances as well, the blog search tool comes in handy so that one can sort through a large quantity of data quickly and efficiently–an alternate to flipping through dozens of pages of research.

Jacqueline plans to use her blog as a demonstrative tool as a way of showcasing her research while defending her thesis in April.