How to Make a Page

So, we’ve sold you on a digital commons blog? Fantastic! One of the first things to do when creating blog content is to make pages, and we will walk you through that process here.

  • Your blog will automatically be created with a home page. This is the main page for your blog, and lists all the entries you will make. Visitors will see this page first they surf on to your site, but you can add additional pages to any blog to explain its purpose, to give an extended biography or yourself or other blog authors and editors or to highlight special content.
  • When you first log in to your blog, you will be on a sort of homepage that allows you to create and edit content for your blog, add and remove blog users and otherwise manage what happens on your blog. This page is called your “dashboard.”
  • On your dashboard, there are several tabs running across the front. Click on the tab titled “Write.”
  • Several sub-tabs appear. Click on the one that says “write pages.”
  • In the box that says “page title” give a short title for page (i.e. About This Blog, About Me, Contact Information, Photos, etc.)
  • In the large box below that, you can enter text. You can also add in hyperlinks, or insert images.
  • You can save pages as you work. When you are ready for the page to be visible to your users, click on the “publish” tab. And now, you have a new page!

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