Commons Blogs – Fall 2015

This fall, the Commons team has been busier than ever, setting up nearly 600 new course websites, blogs, and ePortfolios. WordPress continues to impress with its latest upgrade, allowing students and faculty to create great online spaces for their discussions, assignments, and research.

One of our newest Commons users is Graham Pitts and his course History 352: “Inquiries into the History of Sectarianism in the Middle East.” Pitts’s history students are using the blog to write collaborative essays throughout the semester. Their work is private at the moment, but will be made public at the end of the semester. For now, here’s a screenshot of Professor Pitts’s guidelines:
Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 4.20.40 PM

This is just one example of what a class can do with a Commons blog. If you are interested in integrating these tools and exercises into your syllabus, please email We’re happy to help!

Happy blogging,

The Commons Team