WordPress Upgrade – 4.0.1

The Georgetown Commons system is now running WordPress 4.0.1. Along with more blue in the dashboard color scheme, you will notice the new media library, easier video embedding, and a text edit window that automatically adjusts as you write.

The improved media library provides a more pleasant user experience when adding images to your blog posts: infinite scroll, the choice to view items in a list or grid, and the ability to search for items by name. The pop-up Edit Media window now has arrow keys to allow for quick scrolling between items to edit. This means you no longer have to save and click between images to adjust their size or caption.

Embedding videos from YouTube, Vimeo and other sites should now work in the visual editor and no longer requires an embed code. Just paste the URL of the video into the visual editor, and the video should appear!

If you tend to write long posts, you’ll benefit from the new text editing window. The scroll bar is gone, the window automatically enlarges as more text is added. and the menu bar (including the “Publish” and “Add Media” buttons) are now sticky, staying at the top the page as you scroll down.

Finally, customizing your site and all its features continues to be easier (and easier to undo). Widgets now have their own customization panel in the Customize Theme menu, so you can try out new layouts and menu locations without making any permanent changes to your site.

In the next few weeks, we will be adding brand new blog themes to choose from. Once they are available, another update will be posted detailing these themes and which options may be best for your class blog or portfolio. As always, if you have any questions, please email commons(at)georgetown(dot)edu.

Happy blogging,

The Commons Team