Interlude: A new innovative partnership

We are proud to announce that CNDLS and Gelardin New Media Center have partnered with Interlude, an interactive video platform, to develop and produce fully customized, video-based assessments and simulations. The first CNDLS project, using Interlude, will be a case study simulation featured in the GeorgetownX Terrorism and Counterterrorism MOOC, launching October 1st. In this simulation students play the role of an intelligence analyst and are asked to gather information, solve puzzles and make certain decisions in order to conduct a threat assessment. The second interactive project to be designed using the Interlude platform will be in the second phase of the ITEL Project: Using Technology to Enhance Teaching in Physician-Patient Communication to prepare students for the OSCE, a clinical examination that all medical students must take.

This partnership is not only new to Georgetown, but also Interlude, which typically markets its interactive products for commercial use, such as advertising and music videos. We expect this new partnership will not only enhance and enrich the student learning experience, but also open up new data-based research horizons for the CNDLS analytics team.

For more information on this partnership and its opportunities, please contact Susan Pennestri.