Executive Biography

Benjamin Tarsa has been described as a dynamic and adaptable young man with a passion for interacting with others, especially online. His graduate work at Georgetown focused on online communities of play and the use of technology in education, two areas that are increasingly overlapping. During this time, he also put his skills in presenting material and training others to use in several roles, including that of Teaching Assistant and as a Wikipedia Campus Ambassador for the Wikimedia Foundation. He also has several years of previous experience training new hires in an upscale service-oriented restaurant. These experiences have given him the opportunity to develop directed training programs in a variety of contexts and exposed him to a wide range of environments and people.

After working as a server and trainer through his undergraduate education at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Benjamin took a position with The Center For New Designs in Learning and Scholarship (CNDLS) at Georgetown where he worked with the teaching and learning with technology team. His experience there included working one-on-one to train professors on the use of new classroom tools as well as assisting a senior leadership team in the planning and execution of a week-long educational workshop as well as presenting an innovative look at classroom technology. He was then recruited to work with The Saylor Foundation as a Research Assistant focusing on Wiki-related projects and social development for the Foundation’s website including forums and the use of badges as alternative credentialing.

Benjamin’s co-workers have appreciated his adaptability and ability to work with a wide variety of individuals in a range of situations. He estimates that in the past 5 years he has worked directly with more than 200 people and always walks away with a smile. He is at his best in fast-paced environments and is invigorated by working with innovative and big-thinking organizations.

Having presented at several conferences and conventions, Benjamin has been lauded as a skilled public speaker. He was recently invited to speak on several panels at a major gaming convention including a popular panel on “Gaming Diversity” attended by more than 100 people. He is also an active participant in the student group the “Mind Meld” at Georgetown’s CCT program and was the creator and leader of the CCT Thesis-writers Hub, a focused microblogging group. He has also exercised this skill while facilitating working groups and training seminars both in physical and digital environments.

Benjamin is active in several online communities such as Wikipedia, Reddit, and two online games as well as maintaining a strong social media presence, personal website and blog. Benjamin has recently relocated to the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina where he has launched a new website catering to local events and organizations.

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