Some current projects

Zusha! Motivating behavioral change to reduce road accidents in Kenya

Following promising results of Heckle and Chide and Zusha!, two randomized control trials of a road safety intervention in the matatu (mini-bus) sector in Kenya, gui2de is scaling up the campaign across Kenya with the support of a Stage 3 DIV grant from USAID.  We are also experimenting with similar interventions in Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda.

Improved sanitation through behavior change: a field experiment in Rwanda

With the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, we evaluate the impact of an educational program aimed at improving sanitation behavior in poor rural villages on the Rwanda-Congo border.  150 villages are randomly assigned to treatment or control status, and sanitation clubs are set up to deliver simple cartoon-enhanced information to largely illiterate populations.

High Hopes: saving for the transition to high school

We randomize access to a mobile money savings account among parents of final year primary school students in Kenya, and measure impacts on savings and the rate of transition to high school.

SWASH: governance and accountability to improve primary school sanitation

We randomize a series of interventions aimed at improving governance incentives and parental involvement to boost the delivery of sustainable sanitation services in primary schools in Kisumu, Kilifi, and Nyeri districts in Kenya.