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“Video indígena” panel

May 21, 2013 · Leave a Comment

Greetings again from Miami! Today I had the pleasure of being the note-taker for a panel about “video indígena” here at SALALM. The speakers were Daisy Domínguez, Latin American Studies librarian at CUNY-City College, Nicole Karsin of Todos Los Pueblos Productions, filmmaker and director of We Women Warriors, David Hernández Palmar, a filmmaker based in Mérida, Venezuela, and finally Amalia Córdova of NYU. Together the talks presented a cohesive look at the challenges and joys of “video indígena,” and also presented some excellent collection strategies for librarians. We will try to make the presentations public, and I will be typing up the notes when I return to work after Memorial Day.

For now, however, during the presentations, I learned about the Coordinadora Latinoamericana de Cine y Comunicación Indígena (CLACPI), which provides one place for the promotion and distribution of video indígena. Please check out the link and enjoy their informative and excellent videos on their linked Vimeo page.

Recently at Georgetown, via interlibrary loan statistics, I have learned that the demand for indigenous resources is stronger than I originally thought. Of course I knew that there were professors and graduate students who worked with indigenous languages and literatures, but I am seeing that there is a good deal of demand from undergraduates enrolled in general Latin American history courses as well, just as an example. So expect more material by and about indigenous Latin American people to appear in the collections within a few months! Along with my colleague Maura Seale, I will also be creating a research guide related to indigenous peoples in throughout the Western Hemisphere. I meant to do this earlier this year, but, well, that whole school thing postponed it a bit! 🙂

More on this later, I just want to give a brief rundown on this excellent panel. Have a great rest of the week.

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