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September 20, 2012 · Leave a Comment

When we think of “streaming media,” we more than likely think of fun cat videos on YouTube, Netflix, or TV shows on the less restrictive networks’ websites, yet probably rarely as a library resource. However, Lauinger has paid for access to several excellent sites for streaming media…and no commercials! I have already written about Filmakers Library Online here, and I’ll highlight a couple more now.

Films on Demand has over 6000 films on a wide variety of topics (link). Under “Area Studies” you’ll find almost 140 films on Latin America, 275 titles relating to Spain if you search by title, and dozens of videos relating to Portuguese-speaking Africa. (Overall I found searching to be more fruitful than browsing, so my number of films about Latin America may be a little low.) Under “World Languages,” you will find many videos about Hispanic culture, literature and drama, and the Spanish language itself, all of which have optional or no subtitles.

A subset of the Internet Archive, the Moving Image Archive (here), has hundreds of thousands of freely accessible video/film resources. Admittedly, some of the films are of questionable value (a search on Colombia has a result described as “Camille feeding the pig in a new mall in Medellin”), but this is when it’s best to search using more specific terms.

If you need to cite these, all the major bibliographical styles now accommodate online streaming media. We have the latest editions in reference and some information online.

Finally, we have a list of several streaming resources on our Film & Television Studies research guide (link). We hope you find them to be useful, and of course let me or anyone else here know if you have any questions. I’m off tomorrow, so have a good weekend!

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