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New semester and news about a Bolaño novel

January 28, 2016 · Leave a Comment

Greetings from Lau! I hope you have been coping with the snow ok. Very, very, gradually the city is showing signs of improvement, and I look forward to when I won’t need my giant boots again. I grew up in central Illinois and got my BA in Minneapolis-St. Paul, so this weather isn’t completely foreign to me, but I’m definitely not used to it anymore, either!

First, let me know about any of your research needs and, if you teach, please let me know if you need any kind of library instruction. I welcome individual meetings (in-person or via the chat on my research guides), group meetings for a specific project, e-mail, in-class instruction, or really any way that is the most convenient for you. I have begun teleworking on Mondays, but thanks to technology, I can certainly be in touch! If, however, you do need me to come in on Monday for a class or some other kind of presentation, I can simply change my telework day to accommodate this.

Second, I just read that Roberto Bolaño’s last novel, 2666, is being adapted into a play at the Goodman Theater in Chicago. It will be quite interesting to see how this turns out, although I am hopeful as the Goodman does great work. We have a fair amount about Bolaño and his work in Lauinger, and there always seems to be more. In 2013, the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona held an exhibition based on his archives, and much of its website is still active. And yes, we have the exhibition catalog right here in Lau!

Have a great semester. When I was in school, I often found the spring semester to be more grueling than the fall one; the end is in sight but there’s still a bit a hurdle to go. Let me know if there’s any way the library can make your life a little easier!

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¡Colombia! Euskera!

December 18, 2015 · Leave a Comment

One of the many big news stories coming out of Latin America this week is the advancement of the Colombian peace accords in Havana. We have A LOT on Colombia here at Lauinger, and I’m continually striving to get more. It is still too early to have any books or scholarly articles about the recent developments in the peace process, but if you are interested in current news and analysis, check out Latin American Newsstand, in which you can limit by date and language on the left, or CIAO, which you can also limit by date. In general I found simply searching on the words “Colombia peace” (without the quotes in the actual search) produced better results than “Colombia peace process.”  Note that in Latin American Newsstand you can receive e-mail updates on the upper right of the results list, under “Save Search/Alert,” so you can be continually updated.

In completely different news, I just read this article that Basque culture will be the theme of next year’s Smithsonian Folklife festival here in DC in late June and early July next year. Information is not up yet about next year’s festival, but they are generally held in the same area on the National Mall, between 3rd and 4th Streets.

A quick keyword search in GEORGE reveals that we have about 635 titles in or about the region, people, and language. For articles on Basque history or politics, try databases like Historical Abstracts or International Political Science Abstracts, and for literature and language, MLA International and Linguistic and Language Behavior Abstracts. The Center for Basque Studies at the University of Nevada-Reno has a great list of links about Basque culture and history as well. I’d love to get at least a few more Basque language self-instruction resources for Lau, but they are few and far between. Do let me know (mrs249[at] if you see anything that interests you! I believe with the possibility of Catalan independence, there is also growing interest in the Basque Country, the Valencian Community, and Galicia as well, and I will continue to seek these resources.

I’ll end my last post of the year on a lighter note. My friend Neil let me know earlier today about this documentary on Basque strongmen. It talks a great deal about Basque culture and daily life, especially in the rural areas, and I think it is a good way to wind down at the end of the semester. Happy holidays to all and see you in the New Year! I’ll be back on January 4. Les deseo paz y felicidades en el año nuevo.

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Hello again! And a news resource

October 2, 2015 · Leave a Comment

¡Hola de nuevo! As I recently wrote, I recently decided to continue blogging here. I have set aside time every two weeks to write something new. I am also thinking of starting blogs for my other liaison areas, Italian and Western European Studies, but, well, baby steps for now. While on the surface it may seem easy to keep up a blog, over time the maintenance and focus of the blog can change and become increasingly complicated. However, I enjoy writing these posts, and it helps me to step back a bit and reflect on my work. And I hope it helps inform you as well!

Today I want to focus on a great news resource that we have here at Georgetown, Press Display. This is a great way to get current news and information from many countries. The opening screen lists a lot of current events happening from a wide variety of sources, but on the left you will see a long list of countries that you can link to. Right now I’m looking at today’s front page of the Paraguayan newspaper Última hora, for example. Using the navigation bar at the bottom, I can “read” it just as if it were the newspaper itself. You can zoom in by clicking the page, and you can crop and print particular articles by hovering over the printer icon. It also works well on both phones and tablets. Keep in mind that if you are off-campus, you will be asked to log in with your NetID and password to gain access.

As you go through the titles from each country, you’ll definitely come across a few that are more about pop culture or hobbies (such as Todo perros from Spain) rather than serious news, but I also must say that even looking at these is a great way to practice your Spanish or Portuguese (or, if you’re from that country, a way to keep up with everything going on there!) If you need to know about current events, trends in politics, fashion, pop culture, or just more about the daily life of a particular place, Press Display is a great place to start.

Direct link to Press Display:

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Narcotráfico en América (El Universal, Mexico)

April 3, 2014 · Leave a Comment

Just a quick post about a series of articles that were mentioned in an El País story yesterday because it won the Premio Ortega y Gasset. The series, Narcotráfico en América has been running for some time, with latest article published last month. As with any current sources, you may want to keep in mind the potential for bias, but overall I’ve found the articles to be compelling and straightforward accounts on how the narcos operate.

For deeper research into drug trafficking in Latin America, my colleagues at Lauinger have prepared several research guides that may help besides my own Latin American Studies guide. Depending on your topic, you may find the Security & Intelligence Studies, International Migration & Refugees, and even Sociology to also be useful. Finally, in my Latin American data guide, I will be adding more resources that deal with this complex and difficult issue.

Direct link to Narcotráfico en América:

Direct link to all of the Lauinger research guides:

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Still here! And a cautionary tale about e-books

August 19, 2013 · Leave a Comment

Hello hello. The line for the shuttle seemed a bit longer today, so I have a sense students and faculty are slowly returning to campus. I am still blogging here, and will be doing so every week or so throughout the fall semester. It has been quite a summer, to say the least, and I’ll write it about that later.

I just read an article (via Library Link of the Day) about disappearing e-books. Georgetown Libraries do not use Google Play to buy e-books and, to my knowledge, we haven’t had a situation like that in the article, but we do struggle with the availability and reliability of e-books through some of vendors. The article is here. As the article states, “…the moral of the story is that you’re buying a license, not a book.” Just some food for thought as we continue to figure out this complicated digital world.

Have a great week. More regular postings to come.

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Article about data visualization tools (quick post)

April 3, 2013 · Leave a Comment

If you are all about data (or just need to get your work done!), I just came across this article about data visualization tools. There is some really cool stuff in there that would look great in your papers or presentations.

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Reserve Lauinger study and multimedia rooms online!

April 1, 2013 · Leave a Comment

If you have a Georgetown e-mail address (i.e. students, staff, faculty, or even alumni), you can now reserve study and multimedia rooms online. Simply go to and take it from there. Notice that you can look at the schedule of the room before you book it as well. We hope this makes the reservation system much easier than before.

For this coming fall semester, I am going to see about the possibility of setting this up with my own calendar, so that it will be much easier to schedule research consultations or any other kind of meeting. More on that as it develops.

Welcome back from the short break, and good luck in the final push for the semester!

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E-book conundrum (quick post)

March 26, 2013 · Leave a Comment

Here at Lauinger, we have been adding more and more e-books to our collection, but maintaining them is a different story. Of course publishers want to make money, yet we have to balance this with the fact that libraries want to provide as much access to materials as they can, irrespective of format. This article, although it deals with a public library*, does a good job summarizing the issues facing libraries regarding e-books, although is quite applicable to full-text article access as well.

*Nothing against public libraries at all, I’m a huge fan. But their needs are different, if not even more complicated, than academic libraries.

PS: I found this article via the excellent Library Link of the Day.

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Interesting piece on the future of peer review (quick post)

March 20, 2013 · Leave a Comment

I just came across this interesting article about the future of peer review and its relation to open access here. More soon about an interesting collection I visited at the Catholic University of America the other day, and also a new website from the University of Pittsburgh. Have a good day!

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¡Papa argentino!

March 13, 2013 · Leave a Comment

The Vatican has announced that the newest Pope is Argentine Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio. I did a few quick initial searches on him in our databases, and I had some luck in the Hispanic American Periodicals Index, featuring him as an author. I will dig around some more over the next few days, but I thought HAPI had some interesting stuff as a starting point.

Happy Wednesday!

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