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Hello again! And a news resource

October 2, 2015 · Leave a Comment

¡Hola de nuevo! As I recently wrote, I recently decided to continue blogging here. I have set aside time every two weeks to write something new. I am also thinking of starting blogs for my other liaison areas, Italian and Western European Studies, but, well, baby steps for now. While on the surface it may seem easy to keep up a blog, over time the maintenance and focus of the blog can change and become increasingly complicated. However, I enjoy writing these posts, and it helps me to step back a bit and reflect on my work. And I hope it helps inform you as well!

Today I want to focus on a great news resource that we have here at Georgetown, Press Display. This is a great way to get current news and information from many countries. The opening screen lists a lot of current events happening from a wide variety of sources, but on the left you will see a long list of countries that you can link to. Right now I’m looking at today’s front page of the Paraguayan newspaper Última hora, for example. Using the navigation bar at the bottom, I can “read” it just as if it were the newspaper itself. You can zoom in by clicking the page, and you can crop and print particular articles by hovering over the printer icon. It also works well on both phones and tablets. Keep in mind that if you are off-campus, you will be asked to log in with your NetID and password to gain access.

As you go through the titles from each country, you’ll definitely come across a few that are more about pop culture or hobbies (such as Todo perros from Spain) rather than serious news, but I also must say that even looking at these is a great way to practice your Spanish or Portuguese (or, if you’re from that country, a way to keep up with everything going on there!) If you need to know about current events, trends in politics, fashion, pop culture, or just more about the daily life of a particular place, Press Display is a great place to start.

Direct link to Press Display:

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Which journals are in which databases?

June 23, 2014 · Leave a Comment


With the ever-increasing number of full-text journals available in our databases, it can be frustrating to simply browse new issues of your favorite ones. It’s very easy to find the print copies in the stacks and just leaf through them, and as a semi-Luddite myself, nothing beats sitting and relaxing with something that exists in the actual world. But have no fear, with just one extra step, you can find these journals in the databases as well, and then simply “leaf” through them online.

The key is the switch the main search box on the library web page to “Journals.” You can find journals in the catalog, but many times the rather generic names can make for a lot of similar and therefore confusing entries*. However, the “Journals” search is much more direct, and the results will lead you directly to the databases in which there is full-text availability. For example, Bulletin of Spanish Studies is available in a few different databases (click to enlarge):


Once you’re in a particular database, you can usually browse by year, and then drill down to particular issues from there. In addition, you can often receive an e-mail or RSS notifications for when the latest issue is available; these options are often under links titled “Share” or something similar. Also note that you can still get to the catalog record in GEORGE.

*There’s also a history of when new catalog records were created for serials, hence it may seem that there is some duplication of records for the same title. If you really want to get technical, have a look at the latest rules (.doc) on this issue!

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New online Catalan cultural magazine

June 12, 2012 · Leave a Comment

Sorry for not posting as much lately, but I’m preparing for a conference that I leave for this Thursday, so, busy days, but a different kind of busy. I just got word about this new online Catalan cultural magazine called Núvol. Here it is. I’ll be blogging from time to time from the conference, so more soon!

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América Economía

May 1, 2012 · Leave a Comment

América Economía es una revista impresa que también tiene una versión en línea aquí. Si te interesan noticias económicas muy actualizadas, crea una cuenta para recibirlas por e-mail.

La revista tiene un archivo en línea, pero comienza muy recientemente, en 2010. Para buscar números anteriores, usa la base de datos Factiva, que la biblioteca de Georgetown provee aquí. No es una base de datos muy amable, pero escoge América Economía en Sources/Fuentes para restringir la búsqueda. También nota que puedes cambiar la lengua bajo “Settings/Tools.”

Ponte en contacto conmigo si tienes preguntas y/o problemas de acceso. ¡Y suerte para los exámenes!

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Online Chilean cultural magazine

April 17, 2012 · Leave a Comment

Via a colleague at Stanford University, I just learned about this online Chilean magazine, Revista Escáner. Its focus is about half Latin American, half international, although this varies greatly from issue to issue. And it’s free!

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