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Which journals are in which databases?

June 23, 2014 · Leave a Comment


With the ever-increasing number of full-text journals available in our databases, it can be frustrating to simply browse new issues of your favorite ones. It’s very easy to find the print copies in the stacks and just leaf through them, and as a semi-Luddite myself, nothing beats sitting and relaxing with something that exists in the actual world. But have no fear, with just one extra step, you can find these journals in the databases as well, and then simply “leaf” through them online.

The key is the switch the main search box on the library web page to “Journals.” You can find journals in the catalog, but many times the rather generic names can make for a lot of similar and therefore confusing entries*. However, the “Journals” search is much more direct, and the results will lead you directly to the databases in which there is full-text availability. For example, Bulletin of Spanish Studies is available in a few different databases (click to enlarge):


Once you’re in a particular database, you can usually browse by year, and then drill down to particular issues from there. In addition, you can often receive an e-mail or RSS notifications for when the latest issue is available; these options are often under links titled “Share” or something similar. Also note that you can still get to the catalog record in GEORGE.

*There’s also a history of when new catalog records were created for serials, hence it may seem that there is some duplication of records for the same title. If you really want to get technical, have a look at the latest rules (.doc) on this issue!

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World Cup online collection and exhibit

June 17, 2014 · Leave a Comment

Hi there, I hope you are staying cool on this very, very hot day. I walked to Saxby’s during lunch to grab a sandwich, and well, I don’t think I want to leave the building again until at least 10 PM.

Early today, Luis González, my counterpart at Indiana University, sent out an e-mail about an online collection and related exhibits to the SALALM listserv. They are from the Museu do Futebol in São Paulo and are housed on Google’s “Cultural Institute” platform.

Pay special attention to the options available in the upper left and right corners, they can refine and reorganize the display very quickly; I love that you just have to click to refine the results, although there is also a search option as well. I don’t believe the metadata is quite complete yet, but with just under 400 items, browsing is still manageable for the moment.

The site is here, and is really a great look into the history of futebol. Complete link:

PS: I did a quick search on “World Cup” in GEORGE, and we definitely have some interesting titles about the tournament!

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Copa do Mundo!

June 3, 2014 · Leave a Comment

Hi everyone. It is summer and I was away during graduation, so first, congrats to the new graduates! I look forward to meeting the new Georgetown students soon.

The World Cup starts next week. Today I want to offer some resources that offer different perspectives on it. By no means is this list exhaustive, it is just some resources I have come across.

First, the Brazilian government has established their own page. I found the videos at the very bottom of the page to be of particular interest; under “Histórias das Copas,” you’ll find interviews with historians, players, and other commentators discussing previous Copas.

On Twitter, you can find very recent information and news using the #copamundial2014 hashtag. Note that on the left you can break the search down by category. If you need more English-language news and comments, use the tag #worldcup2014.

Want to dig a bit deeper? That’s what the library is for! (Although to be fair, you can also do the first two things in the library as well!) We have a research guide for the Sports Management program in the School of Continuing Studies, and I found some excellent articles in the Sports Business Research Network database. I had better luck with finding articles about the World Cup using the keyword search on the right rather than clicking on the “soccer” link in the middle. SPORTDiscus also had a lot of good articles.

The site, which is part of the larger Catalytic Communities organization, has produced and written many news stories about the social and economic complexities surrounding the tournament.

Finally, try out Latin American Newsstand to get more Latin American perspectives; it is available on my Latin American Studies research guide. I had much better results with Copa Mundial 2014 as a search than the English. Note that you can limit by location and language as well, on the right side of the screen.

Right now we are on hold for new purchases until the fiscal year starts again next month, but I’m certain that there are already are Brazilian books out there about the Copa. I’ll try to find a few right after I finish this post, and let me know if you know of any, I’ll be happy to try to get them.

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