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Georgetown Latin American Film Festival

April 3, 2014 · Leave a Comment

I just noticed a big increase in hits on my page related to Latin American film, I’m guessing because of Georgetown’s own festival that starts tomorrow. I blogged about the one held at AFI in Silver Spring before, so to avoid any confusion, I’m providing a link to more information about Georgetown’s here. It was a pleasure working with Jenni Chaves on the festival, I’m sure it will be fantastic.

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Narcotráfico en América (El Universal, Mexico)

April 3, 2014 · Leave a Comment

Just a quick post about a series of articles that were mentioned in an El País story yesterday because it won the Premio Ortega y Gasset. The series, Narcotráfico en América has been running for some time, with latest article published last month. As with any current sources, you may want to keep in mind the potential for bias, but overall I’ve found the articles to be compelling and straightforward accounts on how the narcos operate.

For deeper research into drug trafficking in Latin America, my colleagues at Lauinger have prepared several research guides that may help besides my own Latin American Studies guide. Depending on your topic, you may find the Security & Intelligence Studies, International Migration & Refugees, and even Sociology to also be useful. Finally, in my Latin American data guide, I will be adding more resources that deal with this complex and difficult issue.

Direct link to Narcotráfico en América:

Direct link to all of the Lauinger research guides:

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Opening the Archives: Documenting U.S.-Brazil Relations, 1960s-80s (Brown University and Universidade Estadual de Maringá)

April 1, 2014 · Leave a Comment

I read an article in today’s Post about the 50th anniversary of the coup that began over 20 years of dictatorship in Brazil. I just checked out the online archive that is mentioned at the end of the article, and it is here. At this time, it contains over 3800 documents, mostly from the US State Department, about this turbulent time in Brazil. Para falantes nativos do português, note que é possível escolher a língua do site. I didn’t find many materials from the CIA at this point, but it appears more will be added later.

Once you are “in” the archive via the link on the home page, take note of the menu on the right to narrow or broaden your search as needed. My librarian brain hopes that at some point these are placed in alphabetical order, but for now it is easy enough to browse and find more specific terms. Also important to know is that the search box on the home page does not search the archive, but rather the informational pages attached to the home page; you have to “enter” the archive first in order to search it using the box at the top. The documents themselves are easy to read and can be manipulated in several ways. Click on the down arrow on the bottom right to navigate and zoom, and you can share links to the document with the symbol on the upper right corner. Finally, you can view the document in other formats at the bottom, including pdf for printing, under “More Ways to View this Item.”

Many thanks to Brown University and the Universidade Estadual de Maringá for providing this important resource about this troubled time in Brazil’s history. I will be adding this to my Latin American Studies and Brazilian Studies research guides later today. Full link:

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