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Language learning/reviewing resources

February 20, 2014 · Leave a Comment

Happy mid-February. Yay. A colleague just remarked to me that even though it’s the shortest month, February often feels like the longest one. You can just get a taste of spring, but it also seems so far away! At least this upcoming weekend looks beautiful.

A few patrons and even a few colleagues have asked me about language learning or language reviewing resources. While I believe nothing compares to regular classroom language instruction, sometimes a simple review is all that is needed. We do have some self-instruction materials, and I plan on buying a few more before the end of the fiscal year. To find them, set the GEORGE catalog search to SUBJECT, and then the heading is constructed this way: [x language] — Self-instruction. For example, for Catalan, it would be Catalan language — Self-instruction. I just purchased Complete Spanish, so that will be arriving soon, and I will look into self-instruction resources for indigenous languages as well. I’m also seeing a need for Portuguese materials, too!

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