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Latin American Film Festival in Silver Spring, September 19-October 9

August 23, 2013 · Leave a Comment

Tudo bom? Just a quick fyi about the Latin American Film Festival at the American Film Institute in Silver Spring. The “early bird” pricing for their pass ends on August 29, so now is a great time to get it. More info about the festival is here.

I also use festival listings to make collection decisions, so if you do see a film that you think would be good for other students and faculty to see, please let me know and I’ll likely purchase them when they’re available on DVD. Have a great weekend.

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New resource: Sabin Americana (Gale-Cengage)

August 21, 2013 · Leave a Comment

This year, our American Studies librarian, Maura Seale, spearheaded the purchase of Sabin Americana, a database of primary resources from the Western Hemisphere. There are over 800 texts in Spanish, and nearly 100 in Portuguese, all from the colonial period until the early 20th century. Sample texts include early editions of Fray Bartolomé de la Casa’s Brevissima relacion, Francisco López de Gómara’s Historia de Mexico, and works by Antonio Vieira from the early 1700s. The scans are very clear and searchable by full-text, printable as a PDF, and can also be increased greatly in size for readability. Note the source citations at the bottom of each image as well. As usual, I recommend using the advanced search; it gives a lot of great options (language, subject area, etc.)

If you are teaching a class on colonial-era Latin America, need primary resources for your paper for this era, need to find original editions of colonia-era texts, or just want a look at some often beautiful and rare materials, this is a great place to start. More about the collection is here. And New York Times obituary for Joseph Sabin, who developed the original library collection, is here as a pdf. Happy searching!

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Still here! And a cautionary tale about e-books

August 19, 2013 · Leave a Comment

Hello hello. The line for the shuttle seemed a bit longer today, so I have a sense students and faculty are slowly returning to campus. I am still blogging here, and will be doing so every week or so throughout the fall semester. It has been quite a summer, to say the least, and I’ll write it about that later.

I just read an article (via Library Link of the Day) about disappearing e-books. Georgetown Libraries do not use Google Play to buy e-books and, to my knowledge, we haven’t had a situation like that in the article, but we do struggle with the availability and reliability of e-books through some of vendors. The article is here. As the article states, “…the moral of the story is that you’re buying a license, not a book.” Just some food for thought as we continue to figure out this complicated digital world.

Have a great week. More regular postings to come.

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