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Something fun

January 30, 2013 · Leave a Comment

While looking for something else, I found that the Instituto Nicarag├╝ense de Cultura has a great music feed on their site, which is here (on the right.) This is how I’m getting through the slow (but busy!) afternoon hours today.

More soon, hope the semester is going well!

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EBSCOhost E-book Collection

January 23, 2013 · Leave a Comment

This past Friday, my colleagues and I attended a training session on the EBSCOhost E-book Collection.* Its interface is not that different from other EBSCO databases, and quite intuitive to use. I did a couple of sample keyword searches. The one “Latin America” led to about 1500 results (mostly in English), and “Portugal” had a bit over 600, so definitely consider this database while doing your research. Most of these titles should also appear in GEORGE, the library catalog, and link directly into the book from the catalog record. You can also browse all the titles in a particular language by leaving the search boxes blank, but using the language limit at the bottom right; there is little in Portuguese or Catalan at the moment, but there is a good amount in Spanish in a variety of fields of study.

Note that you can create your own free EBSCO account (upper right.) You can keep track of any resource you have used in the EBSCO family of databases, and also readily export them to RefWorks or other bibliographical management software/websites. I recommend this especially if you use EBSCO databases a lot, and I think anything that helps you easily keep track of your resources is good to use, even if it duplicates what you may be doing somewhere else (i.e. RefWorks vs. EBSCO.) You never know when you might need to “retrace your steps,” so to speak.

Finally, if you wish to download and read these e-books (and access other EBSCO databases) onto an iPad, iPhone, or an Android device, you can get more specific directions by searching Help (link is in the far upper right-hand corner.) I generally find it easiest to simply access these and read these completely online, but if, for example, you find yourself stuck on the Red Line without Internet access more times than you ever planned, downloading may be the way to go!

I will add this to my research guides shortly. Also, I will finally complete the second part of my post about my trip to Mexico soon! It involves a few photographs and has been taking a bit to put together.

*Link will either connect directly if you are on Georgetown’s campus, or you will be prompted to log in with your NetID and password if you are off-campus.

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Research Orientations at the Library of Congress

January 18, 2013 · Leave a Comment

While of course it is great if you can find all your research needs here at Georgetown, there may be a point in which you need to go a bit more (or maybe a lot more) in depth and you need to head across town to the Library of Congress. I just learned from my colleague that the Humanities and Social Science Division there regularly holds orientations for first time users. The first one this year was a few days ago, but there is one coming up on the 28th. More information is here, and note the orientations for other divisions of the Library at the bottom of the page. If you have not visited the Library of Congress yet, I strongly suggest it, it is a stunning place (although, of course, I am biased!)

I promise I will be posting more frequently from now on, at least once per week. Please feel free to let me know if there are any topics you would like covered in particular. Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!

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Trial Database: Latin American Newspapers, Series 2

January 7, 2013 · Leave a Comment

Happy New Year! I hope everyone has had good holidays. I have actually been a bit sick and out of the office over the past few weeks, hence the lack of a second part of my previous post. I am slooowly getting better, though, and I hope to be back to 100% soon.

Today the library started a trial database for Latin American Newspapers, Series 2, from NewsBank. We already own the first series here. The second series covers the years 1822-1922. It is particularly strong in Mexican and Venezuelan newspapers, but there are more than a few titles from Brazil, Cuba, Argentina, and a few Central American countries.

As is the case with most library resources, there are several ways to access LAN Series 2. First, I have linked them to my relevant research guides. You can also link to it via the Trial Databases guide, available on the left on the main research guides page.

The library welcomes feedback from students and faculty on this and other trial databases. Feel free to e-mail the electronic resources staff at and/or me at, with your opinions. The committee that decides on electronic resource purchasing takes this feedback heavily into account when making their decisions.

I hope you find the resource to be useful for your work, and have a great start to the semester.

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