Margaret T. Lane / Virginia F. Saunders Memorial Research Award

I’m thrilled to report that Beyond Freedom’s Reach has won the 2016 Margaret T. Lane / Virginia F. Saunders Memorial Research Award from the Government Documents Round Table of the American Library Association and sponsored by Readex. 

I am particular pleased to receive an award named after Virginia Saunders, who had a long career at the U.S. Government Publishing Office and helped to create the U.S. Congressional Serial Set, which is where I came across Rose Herera’s story.

The awards committee issued the following statement about Beyond Freedom’s Reach:

“Professor Rothman successfully utilized numerous government documents (both federal and state), maps, and primary sources throughout his research. Specifically members of the Awards Committee were impressed with his use of primary sources including documents from the Congressional Serial Set and the Congressional Globe; the Slave schedules from the U.S. Census; Official Records of the War of the Rebellion; as well as legal records from the state of Louisiana and primary newspaper accounts. It is noteworthy specifically because the award honors Margaret Lane, author of the seminal work on state documents, and Virginia Saunders, who was instrumental in the continued production of the U.S. Congressional Serial Set. We appreciate the excellent research he accomplished – a model in the use of primary governmental sources.”