Curriculum Vitae
Randall Joshua Bass
37th and O St, Northwest

Office of the Provost, ICC 650
Georgetown University
Washington D.C. 20057

Current Positions:
Vice Provost for Education
Professor, English Department, Georgetown University
Director, Designing the Future(s) Initiative (Red House)

Ph.D. 1991, M.A. 1987; Brown University (English and American Literature)
B.A. 1981; University of the Pacific (Stockton, CA) (English, History)


Open and Integrative: Designing Liberal Education for the New Digital Ecosystem (with Bret Eynon). American Association of Colleges and Universities, 2016.

Editor, with Bret Eynon. The Difference that Inquiry Makes: The Visible Evidence of Invisible Learning in Higher Education. Forthcoming.

Editor, with Joy Young, Beyond Borders: A Cultural Reader. 2nd edition. Houghton Mifflin, 2003.

Editor, with Bret Eynon, Mark Sample, andTeresa Derrickson. Intentional Media: The Crossroads Conversations on Learning and Technology in the American Culture and History Classroom. Works and Days 1999/00.

Editor, Border Texts: Cultural Readings for Contemporary Writers. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1999.

Supervising Editor, Engines of Inquiry: A Practical Guide for Using Technology in Teaching American Culture. Washington, D.C.: American Studies Crossroads Project, American Studies Association 1997.

Electronic Publications:

Project Director, American Studies Crossroads Project, an international project on technology and education. Sponsored by the American Studies Association; Washington, D.C.: September 1994 to the present.

Editor, Electronic Resources for the Heath Anthology of American Literature (third edition; Paul Lauter, General Editor), including rev. Syllabus Builder, third edition. Boston, MA.: Houghton Mifflin Co. 1997.

American Literary Traditions: Course Portfolio and case study. (Georgetown University).

Founder and moderator, “Teaching the American Literatures” (T-AMLIT) electronic discussion list; editor, Electronic Archives for Teaching the American Literatures. Washington, D.C.: 1994-1997.

Executive Producer, Engines of Inquiry video. RXL Pulitzer and the Annenberg/CPB Project forthcoming, November 1998. (35 minutes)

Articles & Chapters:

“Building a Culture of Learning in the 21st Century: Confronting Some Assumptions Preventing us from Realizing the Promise of the Learning Paradigm.” Issues in Integrative Studies. 2006.

“The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Two Views.” With Dan Bernstein. ACADEME. June/July 2005.

“Teaching the Story in the 21st Century.” Anglo-Saxonica. 22. 2004.

“Making Teaching Visible: The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.” Al-Hagovna. 2004.

“Building Knowledge for Teaching and Learning: The Promise of Scholarship in Networked Environments.” With Thomas Hatch, Toru Iiyoshi, and Desiree Pointer. CHANGE. September/October 2004.

“The Web: Sacred and Profane.” Educational Technology Vol. 41 No. 5. 2001.

“Rewiring the Social Science and History Classroom,” with Roy Rosenzweig. Journal of Education Fall 2000.

“The Story and the Archive in the 21st Century.” College English July 1999.

“The Scholarship of Teaching: What’s the Problem?” Inventio Spring 1999.

“A Hypertext Course Portfolio in an Experimental American Literature Course.” The Course Portfolio. Pat Hutchings, editor. American Association for Higher Education. 1998.

“Engines of Inquiry: Teaching, Technology, and Learner-Centered Approaches to Culture and History,” introduction to Engines of Inquiry: A Practical Guide for Using Technology in Teaching American Culture. Washington, D.C.: American Studies Crossroads Project, American Studies Association, 1997.

“Approaching Borders: Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing,” introduction to Border Texts: A Resource for Critical Reading and Writing. Houghton Mifflin Co., Fall 1998.

“New Canons, New Media: American Literature in the Electronic Age,” in the Heath Anthology of American Literature Instructor’s Guide. Houghton Mifflin Co., Fall 1997.

“Rethinking Learning in the Network Age,” AngloFiles (March 1997): 2-12.

“Can American Studies Find a Whole in the Net?” American Studies in Scandinavia
(Fall 1996): 87-100.

“The Primacy of Process: Teaching and Learning in the Electronic Age,” with Trent Batson. Change (March/April 1996): 42-47.

“The Canon, The Computer, and the Pedagogic Imaginary,” in the “Teaching the American Literatures” Series, Heath Anthology of American Literature Newsletter (Fall 1994): 5-6.

“The Syllabus Builder Project: Building an Electronic Resource for Teachers of Literature,” Journal of Computing in Higher Education Fall 1993, Vol. 5 (1): 3-26.

“Higher Education’s Amateur Hour: Underpreparing the Future Professoriate,” Liberal Education (Spring 1993): 26-31.

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