Incorporating Critique

**Some of this can be gleaned from my project notes, but this page shows explicitly how my thinking has evolved. Not everything I discuss below (from November 3rd, 2015) made it into my final project.**

After receiving a couple great critiques, I realized I had to do more with my Utica industrial map. Before one even gets access to the map, I’m planning on having select quotes from the New York Times article ( and the blog “The Worst Snow Globe. Life in the City That God Forgot” pop up. This would be like the quote of the day–to get access to the site, you will have to wait a few seconds and, in my case, read something both positive and negative about Utica. When you access the map, I plan on having Utica-related songs (e.g. the Utica Comets parody of Van Halen’s “Panama”) and/or podcasts (e.g. “Utica, NY: City with a Warm Heart”) playing automatically as you scroll around my map. Moreover, when someone clicks on one of the highlighted warehouse spots I want a quote pulled from someone in the Observer-Dispatch (the local paper) or  from one of my interviewees from my Utica site visit to accompany the more factual industrial information. Underneath this quote I will include my analysis of this on-the-ground representation of Utica, incorporating class concepts as I do so. Finally, I think Utica is very similar to Detroit, and on the side of the map I will have a link to a page where I discuss connections and evaluate Detropia in respect to the videos I have found (and the one I may create!) about Utica.

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