AG Seminar at Georgetown

The American Government Seminar meets Fridays at 12:30pm in Intercultural Center (ICC), room 662 (unless otherwise noted). We host presentations from outside speakers, as well as Georgetown faculty and PhD students.


Spring 2018


Wednesday, May 23, 1:00pm, Healy 106.

Jason Anastasopoulos

University of Georgia and Princeton University





Thursday and Friday, May 10-11, 2018, Rafik B. Hariri Building

Data, Dollars and Votes: The Intersection of Marketing and Politics

Conference organized by David Schweidel and sponsored by the McDonough School of Business


Friday, April 27,12:30pm, 2018, ICC 662


Ariel White

Massachusetts Institute of Technology





Thursday, April 19, 12:30pm, 2018, ICC 662

Young Mie Kim

University of Wisconsin-Madison





Friday, April 13,12:30pm, 2018, Car Barn 110 Seminar Room

Alexander Theodoridis

University of California, Merced





Monday, March 19, 2018, Fisher Colloquium in the Rafik B. Hariri Building

Crisis of Confidence: Understanding Why Americans Have Lost Faith in Our Institutions.”  

Conference organized by Jonathan Ladd and sponsored by the McCourt School of Public Policy





Fall 2017

Please note: Most of the fall 2017 American Government Seminar were preempted by job talks for our American politics assistant professor search.


Friday. December 1, 12:30, 2017,  ICC 662

Christopher Schorr

PhD Candidate, Georgetown University

“Social Institutional Collapse and the 2016 Trump Vote”


Friday, October 6, 12:30pm, 2017, ICC 662

Charlotte Cavaillé

School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University 

“Who Cares? Measuring Attitude Strength in a Polarized Environment” (with Karine Van der Straeten and Daniel L. Chen)





Spring 2017


Friday, April 28, 2:30pm, 2017, Mortara Center [NOTE TIME and LOCATION]

Marko Klasnja
Georgetown University

“Do Wealthy People Explain Inequality Differently, and Does It Matter?”



Friday, April 21, 12:30pm, 2017, ICC 662

Paasha Mahdavi

McCourt School of Public Policy, Georgetown University

“No taxation, no representation? Oil-to-cash transfers and the dynamics of government responsiveness in Alaska”



McCourt School Talk: Thursday, April 13, 2017, – Canceled

Phone: 479-575-6434 Email: Office: 506 CPearl Dowe
University of Arkansas





Friday, March 31,12:30pm, 2017, in ICC 302P (note location)

Vanessa TysonVanessa Tyson
Scripps College

“Twists of Fate: Multiracial Coalitions and Minority Representation”



Friday, March 17, 12:30pm, 2017, ICC 662

Hans Noel
Georgetown University

“Is John McCain more conservative than Rand Paul? Using activists’ pairwise comparisons to measure ideology”



Friday, February 24, 12:30pm, 2017, ICC 662

Image result for Clare MaloneClare Malone
Senior Political Writer,

“The Disintegration of Trust in … Everything from Parties to Media to Institutions”



Friday, February 17, 12:30pm, 2017, ICC 662

Jon Ladd
Georgetown University

“Real and Fake News:  Social Media and Journalism in the 2016 Presidential Campaign”



Friday, February 10, 12:30pm, 2017, Car Barn Suite 110 ** Note location **

Sharece Thrower
Vanderbilt University

“The Constraining Power of the Purse: Executive Discretion and Legislative Appropriations”




Friday, February 3, 12:30pm, 2017, ICC 662

Angie MaxwellAngie Maxwell
University of Arkansas

“The Long Southern Strategy: Modern Sexism and the 2016 Election”


Friday, January 27, 2:00pm, 2017, in ICC 450 (NOTE TIME)

Profile Image for Jan LeighleyJan Leighley
American University

“Who Votes in Off-Year Elections? Demographics, Policy Preferences and Candidate Policy Choices”



Friday, January 13, 12:30pm, 2017, ICC 662

Michael Hanmer
University of Maryland

“Mobilization Around New Convenience Voting Methods: A Field Experiment to Encourage Voting by Mail with a Downloadable Ballot and Early Voting”




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