2022-2023 American Government Seminar Schedule

The American Government (AG) Seminar typically meets Fridays at noon. We host presentations from outside speakers, as well as Georgetown faculty and PhD students.

Friday, September 30th

“Measuring Women Friendly Districts through Latent Profile Analysis”

Rebecca Kreitzer

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Friday, November 11th

“How Gender Gaps in Political Engagement Vary Across Generations”

Jennifer Wolak

Michigan State University

Friday, November 18th

“Is There a Substantive-Descriptive Representation Trade-off?”

Ray Block

The Pennsylvania State University

Friday, December 2nd

“Changing Ideology”

Jeremy Pope

Brigham Young University

Friday, January 27th

“Existential Politics”

Josh Chafetz

Georgetown University


Friday, March 17th

Marc Hetherington

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Friday, March 31st

Parrish Bergquist

Georgetown University

Friday, April 21st

Sarah Binder

The George Washington University

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