Who I Am and What This Blog Is

Greetings Artniks!  As your librarian for Art, Art History, and Museum Studies, I (Anna Simon) am here to help you. I manage the art collections and resources, work on the Lauinger reference desk, and guide students (and faculty) on how to use the library.


I joined the Georgetown University Library in October 2011 after earning a dual master’s in library science and art history from Indiana University Bloomington. At IU I worked in both the library reference and instruction departments and in the IU Art Museum as an assistant editor. My metier is contemporary art with an emphasis on participatory and socially collaborative work. My bachelor’s is from Hampshire College, where I “majored” in non-fiction writing and cultural studies. I’ve worked in several special libraries and art museums throughout the country.


How can I help you? I meet with students when they’re getting started  on a paper or project, assist with finding research information, show the ins and outs of the library website, suggest reading, and much more.

I also assist faculty and instructors by speaking to classes about research skills and strategies, purchasing materials for the library, locating obscure citations, and so on.

This blog:

Simply put, resources and happenings for the GU artist, scholar, or arts enthusiast that help you make art as well as read, think, and write about art. To this end I’ll highlight local, national, and international shows, events of interest, calls for submissions, and items of awesomeness (IOA). I’ll also spotlight resources, new art books, and tips on how to engage with the body of scholarly and artistic information in which you are submersed. Suggestions, comments, and hot tips are always welcome.

Anna Simon



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