One of the most impactful topics that we covered in Flourishing was understanding the impact of sleep.¬†Sleeping in college is an activity that ranks low on our list of priorities. With a lot of work to be done, clubs to attend, and social lives to keep up with, sleep is not what most students worry about. At Georgetown, you will often hear students brag about their lack of sleep. Phrases like “I pulled two all-nighters this week” are not rare. The ideas we have about sleep, however, are not only flawed, but they are incredibly unhealthy. In fact, getting enough sleep each night is key for academic success and mental and physical well-being.


Sleep Journal:

In this course we were tasked to keep a sleep journal. By keeping a record of how much I slept each night, I was able to fix my unhealthy sleep patterns and create new healthy ones. Being aware of how much sleep, or lack thereof, one is getting is the first step in creating healthy sleep habits.


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