The FBI is portrayed in movies or tv shows as a very secretive and important organization. It has carried a heroic, patriotic, and even protective feeling. Overall, the connotation that society has placed on the FBI is one that mimics the characteristics of superheroes. Becuase of this characteristic, hearing the phrase FBI headquarters brings imagery of a superhero headquarter or an area bustiling with noise and action. Carrying a more realistic viewpoint I let my childhood ideas that the FBI building would be an exciting place go and went to visit expecting a normal office building. While the location was not full of extremely exciting people running in and out of the building it was, in fact, quite busy. People came and left in black cars and the security guards outside never let their guard down.


Movie scene: 

To my suprise, I did witness a scene that was inline with my childhood perception of the FBI building. Out of nowhere a group of police cars and black SUV’s came rushing down the street. The immediately parked to the side of the building and ran inside. Nothing else was known.


Video by Alex Castro


Photo by Alex Castro

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