The exterior of the FBI building is incredibly bland. Located within a very vibrant area within the city, the FBI building appears to be an outcast. The best summary for the exterior of the FBI building comes from Donald Trump’s opinion. According to him “It’s one of the brutalist-type buildings, you know, brutalist architecture. Honestly, I think it’s one of the ugliest building in the city” (“Curbed”).

Photo by Alex Castro


As is evident from the picture above, the building is extremely layered. In other words, the windows on the building make it evident that the ceilings on each floor are very low. Also, the colour scheme of the facade gives it a very professional and bland look. Perhaps, this was done intentionally in order not to bring much attention, nor tourism, to the building.


Photo by Alex Castro


The security in front of the building was very intense. Parking garages were heavily guarded and there were security guards at each entrance to the building. I approached a few of the guards at the entrances and explained to them my project. I asked if I could talk to them for a few minutes or if I could take a few pictures to add to my archives. Each and every time they told me no and suggested that I be on my way.


Photo by Alex Castro



The exterior of the building hosts a lot of discrete cameras. One of the cameras is pictured here. Again, this provides the building with another layer of security.


Photo by Alex Castro


The only sort of decoration that I was able to see from the exterior were these American flags. It gave the building a very patriotic feeling, however, they are only placed on this one side. The overall facade of the building is very plain, however, the fact that they have flags placed and nothing else shows the importance of patriotism within this community.


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