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As a part of my real estate course within the McDonough School of Business, I was tasked to go out into various parts of the city in order to analyze certain properties. Essentially, it was a street analysis of a block within DC or Virginia. One of the blocks that I focused on was right across Key Bridge; Arlington, Virginia. More specifically, the area studied was North Lynn Street between Lee Highway and Wilson Boulevard; the block that surrounds the large Deloitte building. I found it very interesting how this area was organized. It was surrounded by coffee shops, fast food restaurants, farmers markets, and big offices. Reading more into the history of the area I realized that this was what was known as the business district. This area is located in the Rosslyn Business Improvement District, which is a designated 17-block mixed-use urban centre that is an innovative economic hub. Continuing to read about this area I realized that the entire place had been organized to fit the needs of the big offices situated there. Every part of the Rosslyn area was rhetoric. The offices brought people to the area, the shops fed off of them during lunch, the coffee shops fed their addictions, and the vibrant restaurants that open late kept them there all day. Looking at how even large city planners organize their districts, everything is rhetorical.

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